Trevor Schmitt

Trevor Schmitt

Who am I?

  • I'm a fourth-year computer science student at Wichita State.
  • I'm most proficient in iOS and macOS platform development using Objective-C.
  • I'm also fairly comfortable with C(++), Python, and other similar languages.

I'm an aspiring software engineer with several years of programming experience through projects both personal and professional with an emphasis on the former. A considerable amount of my personal projects are available on my GitHub linked at the bottom of this page. I got my start in programming by making extensions for jailbroken iOS devices where I then eventually started writing programs in languages such as C(++). Outside of personal projects, I've learned a lot about programming from the various classes I took in high school and college. I've worked at NetApp since my second semester of freshman year where I've learned a lot about QA, data storage, and automation testing using Python. I don't have a specific field in mind that I want to work in, but I'm open to anything that will allow me to continue to learn and grow as an engineer.